Incisional endometriosis: A rare cause for a painful scar – A report and commentary

  • Brijesh K Biswas
  • Nalini Gupta
  • Navneet Magon


Endometriosis is the presence of endometrial tissue outside the Uterus. The true incidence of endometriosis is not really known, but it is believed that 10‑15% of all women in their reproductive age will develop endometriosis and 25‑35% of all women who are infertile have endometriosis. Incisional endometriosis (IE) is a rare entity reported in 0.03‑1.08% of women following obstetric or gynaecologic surgeries. Most cases reported in literature have appeared after caesarean sections and were often clinically mistaken for hernia, abscess, suture granuloma or lipoma. The diagnosis is frequently made only after excision of the diseased tissue. A case report of a patient with a painful troublesome scar after a caesarean section is presented.

Keywords: Endometriosis, incisional endometriosis, painful scar, scar endometriosis

Nigerian Medical Journal | Vol. 53 | Issue 4 | October-December | 2012

Author Biographies

Brijesh K Biswas
Department of General Surgery, Military Hospital, Gaya, Bihar
Nalini Gupta
Department of Pathology, Super Religare Laboratories Ltd, GP ‑ 26, Sec ‑ 18, Gurgaon
Navneet Magon
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Air Force Hospital, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

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eISSN: 2229-774X
print ISSN: 0300-1652