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Anaesthesia in underdeveloped world: Present scenario and future challenges

S J Bharati, T Chowdhury, N Gupta, B Schaller, R B Cappellani, D Maguire


The overall mortality and morbidity in underdeveloped countries are still unchanged and preventable risks factors constitute the main burden. Among these, anaesthesia-related mortality is largely preventable. Various contributory factors related to human resources, technical resources, education/teaching system and other utilities needs further attention in poor income group countries. Therefore, we have made an attempt to address all these issues in this educational article and have given special reference to those factors that might gain importance in (near) future. Proper understanding of anaesthesia-related resources, their overall impact on health care system and their improvisation methods should be thoroughly evaluated for providing safer anaesthesia care in these countries which would certainly direct better outcome and consequently influence mortality.

Keywords: Anaesthesia, mortality, outcome, resources, underdeveloped
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