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Successful pregnancy outcome after in vitro fertilisation following Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis/Polymerase Chain Reaction screening for single gene disorder (sickle cell anaemia) before embryo transfer: ...

C Okeke, K Ailoje-Ibru, K Olukoya, R Ogbeche, A Adewusi, E Iloabachie, O Ashiru


A couple, both carriers of the sickle cell anaemia trait (Genotype HbAS) with an offspring already affected with the genetic disease underwent a Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis/ Polymerase Chain Reaction screening of biopsied blastomeres. DNA analysis of single blastomeres was carried out to find out indicated a viable intra-uterine pregnancy with embryos which carried the sickle cell mutation, which resulted in a livebirth (HbAS). PGD/PCR in combination with IVF appears to be the most suitable treatment plan for patients who are at a higher risk of reproducing offspring affected with inheritable genetic diseases.

Keywords: PGD/PCR, Sickle cell anaemia, IVF, Biopsy, FET

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