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An interdisciplinary approach to treat crown‑root‑fractured tooth

Ying Chun Sun, Ying Li, Jian Tong, Ping Gao


Restoration of a crown‑root subgingival fractured tooth, especially at anterior aesthetic zones is still a great challenge for restorative dentists. Crown lengthening procedure alone has the disadvantage of high gingival curve of the final restoration, which was not discontinuous to adjacent teeth and thus compromise cosmetic outcomes. The objective of this report is to display a new interdisciplinary approach which combining endodontic root canal treatment, orthodontic extrusion, periodontal crown lengthening surgery and prosthodontic post‑core‑crown restoration procedures to restore a crown‑root subgingival fractured maxillary central incisor and achieved a satisfied cosmetic result. Computer‑based spectrophotometer was also used to accurately select colour without objective interference to achieve ideal cosmetic effects.

Keywords: Crown lengthening surgery, crown‑root fractured tooth, endodontic root canal treatment, fractured tooth, orthodontic appliance, orthodontic extrusion, prosthodontic post‑core‑crown restoration, prosthodontic treatment

Nigerian Medical Journal | Vol. 54 | Issue 4 | July-August | 2013
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