Medical doctors’ strike actions – ethical reflections

  • OI Okoye


Medical Doctors’ strike actions had been relatively rare events in medical history. However, in recent times over the past two decades, they have become commonplace in most developing countries, including Nigeria. Most strike actions have been called over issues bordering onwelfare/pay packages, quality of health infrastructures and patient care. The outcomes
of these strike actions have either been favourable or unfavourable, depending onwhich side of the divide you belong to. Doctors’ strike actionsmay be explicable due to various reasons, but they are not ethically entirely justifiable beyond any doubt, apart from when the utilitarian viewpoint (bringing the greatest good to the greatest number of people) is adopted. Strike actions are better prevented by all the stakeholders in the health sector. The medical profession should be prepared to give up strikes as industrial pressure tools, and rather look for equally effective methods consistent with their unique roles as caregivers.

Niger Med J. Vol. 48, No. 3, Oct. – Dec., 2007: 105 –109 .

Keywords: Doctors, strike actions, ethical, reflections.


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