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A survey of Vaccine Utilization in a Private Medical Center in Lagos Nigeria.

O Nwaiwu, SN Okafor


Safe and effective vaccines have been successful in reducing childhood morbidity and mortality. A study of routine immunization in a private clinic was undertaken to evaluate vaccine utilization. A retrospective evaluation of attendance at a private clinic routine immunization center was done. Quantity of vaccines received was compared to the number of children who attended immunization sessions over a three year period. There is a high utilization of immunization services in the private clinic with steady yearly increase in vaccine utilization of all antigens except OPVO and BeG. Vaccines utilization data is important in micro planning and deployment of resources and the private sector is fast becoming important stake holders. Private clinics who offer immunization services should embark on outreach campaigns in communities where they are located and immunization centers (both private and public) too close to each other could be merged to maximize utilization.

Key Words; Vaccine utilization, routine immunization, private health sector, Lagos,Nigeria

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