Meningeal Neoplasms at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria

  • CC Anunobi
  • NZ Ikeri
Keywords: Meningioma, atypical, anaplastic, Lagos


Meningeal neoplasms are one of the commonest primary central nervous system (CNS) tumours worldwide. Though most are benign their location and tendency for recurrence contributes significantly for mortality and morbidity associated with these tumours. Meningiomas in Nigeria have been poorly studied and little has been published about their histopathologic characteristics. The aim of this study therefore is to present our institution's experience of patients with meningeal neoplasms seen between January 2009 and December 2013 and to compare our findings with those from published literature. Fifty one meningeal tumours were seen during the study period accounting for 34.9% of primary CNS tumours. Peak age of occurrence was in the 4th decade with a male to female ratio of 1:2.4. The cerebral convexities (44.7%) and parasagittal regions (14.9%) were the commonest sites seen. The transitional variant (45.2%) was the commonest histologic type seen and the vast majority (96.1%) were WHO grade I tumours. Meningiomas in Lagos follow the epidemiological patterns discussed in literature, but occur at a younger age group. Further studies correlating the clinical behaviour and pathologic findings as well as molecular studies need to be carried out in our environment to help refine and individualize treatment of this heterogenous entity.

Keywords: Meningioma, atypical, anaplastic, Lagos


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