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Acute Renal Failure Due to Massive Envenomation Byafricanized Beestings (Hymenoptera Apis Species) - A Case Report

O Ayanlowo, CO Alebiosu


We present a case of a 50 years old gardener who had multiple beestings. He had no significant feature of anaphylaxis and initially appeared to be improving with fluids, steroids and antihistamines until few days into hospital admission, when he developed features of uraemia. A diagnosis of acute renal failure secondary to massive envenomation after multiple beestings was made. He was managed conservatively for acute renal failure whilst being prepared for dialysis. He however died some days later before having dialysis due to financial constraint. This case is presented with a view to documenting the occurrence in an African Nigerian.

Key Words: Africanized bees, Acute Renal Failure, Nigerian African

Nig. Medical Practitioner Vol. 44(3) 2003: 64-66
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