Perceived Visual Deterioration among a Selected Group of Dental Surgeons in Nigeria

  • HO Oboro
  • CC Azodo
  • AO Ehizele
  • MA Sede
  • NM Chukwumah
Keywords: visual deterioration, perception, eyeglasses, dental surgeons, Nigeria


To assess the perceived visual deterioration and the determinants among selected dental surgeons in Nigeria. A cross-sectional survey of Resident doctors attending the Revision course of Faculty of Dental Surgery of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria was conducted in October, 2008. The 21-item self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain demographic information, medicated eyeglass use, self-rating of vision on start of dental practice, self-rating of vision presently, self-rating of illumination in dental operatory, procedure that can be done without adequate illumination and procedures that need light enhancers. Majority of the respondents were male, in the 31-35 year age group, had less than 10 years post-graduation experience and are specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Perceived visual deterioration was reported by 22 (36.1%) of the respondents. Respondents who are 46-50 years, male, with >_ 10 years of experience, using medicated eyeglass and specializing in Restorative dentistry reported higher perceived visual deterioration. The prevalence of use of medicated eyeglass was 22 (36.1%). The illumination of dental operatory was good by 35 (57.4%) of the respondents using a self-rating scale. The predominant procedures performed under limited illumination were oral surgical 16 (26.2%) and orthodontic 16 (26.2%). Light enhancers were advocated by respondents mostly during restorative procedures. Perceived visual deterioration in this study was high. This justifies the need for assessment of vision at employment and longitudinal assessment of vision annually inorder to objectively ascertain the level of visual deterioration.

Keywords: visual deterioration, perception, eyeglasses, dental surgeons, Nigeria


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