Case Report of A Set of Newborn Twins with Neonatal Tetanus and Kernicterus

  • OO Togun
  • OA Oyelami
Keywords: Tetanus, Kernicterus, Twins, Preterm


This is a case report of the tragedy of a 20 year old primipara who lost a set of twins to neonatal tetanus and kernicterus on consecutive days. The twins, who were delivered at a private Hospital, presented at the Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesha on the seventh day of life because the second twin had been unable tp suck for 24 hours and had been having abnormal body movements for 6 hours. The physiacl signs were compatible with a diagnosis of neonatal tetanus and moderate neonatal jaundice secondary to septicaemia. The first twin had no complaint, but examination findings were in keeping with 'severe neonatal jaundice with features suggestive of kernicterus'. Phototherapy was commenced for the twins, and appropriate antispamodics were also instituted fo rthe second twin being managed for tetanus. They had been on admission for thirteen days when second twin died, and the first twin also died a day after.

Keywords: Tetanus, Kernicterus, Twins, Preterm.


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eISSN: 0189-0964