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Enhancing musical creativity through indigenous knowledge system: the case of the IGBO musicians

Eunice Ibekwe


Creativity, which can be seen as the brainchild of imagination, draws a lot of inspirations from a number of factors. These factors may be visible or invisible; tangible or intangible; animate or inanimate, illusory or factual, mystical or mundane and so on and so forth. All these invariably constitute a very significant influence on human psyche, and which when properly harnessed produces a desired effect. Since creativity cannot operate in a vacuum, it requires human effort, time and space, which are located within a given environmental and socio-cultural milieu. Musical creativity through indigenous knowledge system does not stop at the ability to compose, sing, dance and play instruments skillfully in its natural way; it extends to the critical interpretation and application of aesthetic flairs inherent in such acts. Musicians do not lose sight of their localities in their musical creations as they consider it paramount for their music to be relevant. This paper takes a critical look on musical creativity as it concerns the Igbo Musicians, discusses some of the sources of inspiration that guide their musical creation. Also
discussed are the implications of indigenous knowledge application as it provides bases for musical appreciation. Through practical experiences and review of related literature, it was observed that musicians do not create outside their environmental stipulations lest their music becomes irrelevant. It is therefore recommended that musicians should always take cognizance of indigenous knowledge system in their creative output for their music to be effectively utilized and appreciated.

Keywords: musical creativity, indigenous knowledge, Igbo musicians, Nigeria music

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