Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine

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Accidental Peno-Scrotal Degloving Injuries in a Child A Case Report and Literature Review

OG Oseni, PB Olaitan, TO Badmus, AO Olajide


Injury to male external genitalia is very rare because of some intrinsic factors like location, strong investing tunica albuginea and cremasteric muscles. However, when it occurs it is considered a urological emergency. Child labour with poor understanding of risks and safety precautions, especially under harsh supervision, surely poses major challenges. This case illustrates degloving injury of the penis and avulsion of the scrotum in a young boy while
operating a roller type machine used in palm trees plantation. The penis was primarily regloved and avulsed skin primarily repaired. A good cosmetic outcome was observed from this treatment. This case also illustrates the
importance of early presentation and emergency intervention in this condition.

Keywords:- Child Labour, Industrial Accident, degloving Peno-scrotal injury, Urological emergency

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