Preparedness of Government Owned Dental Clinics for the Management of Medical Emergencies: A Survey of Government Dental Clinics in Lagos.

  • OM Gbotolorun
  • LB Babatunde
  • O Osisanya
  • E Omokhuale
Keywords: Medical Emergencies and dental clinics.


Background: An emergency is a medical condition demanding immediate treatments.
Objective: The aim of the study was to determine the knowledge and ability of dental surgeons in the management of medical emergencies and the availability of emergency drugs and equipment in government dental clinics and hospitals in Lagos State.
Methods: The study was a descriptive cross-sectional study of knowledge and ability of Dental Surgeons in the management of medical emergencies, prevalence of medical emergencies in dental practice and availability of emergency drugs and equipment in dental practice in government dental clinics and hospitals in Lagos State. The study covered 22 government dental clinics and hospitals in Lagos State. Data obtained was entered into a computer and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Version-16 data analysis software. Chi Square and cross-tabulations were used for the analysis. A 95% Confidence Level was used and a p-value of less than or equal to 0.05 was considered statistically significant.
Results: Of a population of 255 Dental Surgeons on the nominal rolls of all the health institutions, 224 (87%) responded.Of the total respondents, 204 (91.1%) stated they had no emergency kit in their dental clinics (p<0.05) while 158 respondents (70.5%) stated they had no emergency drugs in their dental practice to manage medical emergencies (p<0.05).The commonest emergencies reported was syncope104 respondents (33.8%). 161 respondents (71.9%) claimed they are able to manage medical emergencies encountered in their dental practice if kits and drugs are available.
Conclusion: The findings of the study show that government dental clinics/hospital in Lagos seem not to be adequately prepared to manage medical emergency. Although 71.9% of the dentist claimed they could mange such emergencies should they arise 91.1% and 70% of the respondent claimed they and no emergency kits and drugs to manage such emergencies in their hospital respectively should they arise.

Keywords: Medical Emergencies and dental clinics.


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