Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine

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The Intricacies Of Histopathological Procedures And Techniques

T Olaleye


Background: Histopathology is basically the microscopic differentiation of normal from abnormal cells and tissues hence normal cells must not be made to look abnormal or vice versa during preparations.
Some laboratories do not follow the adequate procedures that can pass Quality Assurance Test thereby giving false impression on slides and subsequently false reports.

Objective: This paper attempts to demonstrate the intricacies of histological procedures and techniques highlighting reasons why it is inevitable to follow the various precautionary measures in the production of valuable sections that will give the required results.

Method: The bulk of this report is made up of personal laboratory experiences (its successes and failures), also wide and extensive research from secondary data (text books and manuals).

Result: Carelessly made sections will give false reports that will mislead the pathologist. It will not present the tissue as it was in vivo as required.

Conclusion: Precisely made sections that show trivial details are the only ones that can give authentic and reliable reports expected for patient's diagnosis, research work or teaching purposes.

Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine Vol. 17 (2) 2007: pp. 87-89
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