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Social Media Addition and Undergraduate Students' Self-Perception in University of Ibadan

A Titilope
JM Olukayode
O Olukunle


Social media networks have become popular among the students because of the great potential they have in facilitation, collaboration, communication and sharing among the students. Students’ self-perception has been attributable to their exposure to social media networks. Previous studies have concentrated more on social media usage and social media addiction without considering their influence on self-perception. This study, therefore, examined the influence of social media utilisation and addiction on self-perception of undergraduate students in University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
The study adopted the survey method of ex-post-facto design. Multistage sampling procedure was adopted to select 907 undergraduate students from 7 Faculties in University of Ibadan. A questionnaire named “Social Media Utilisation, Addiction and Self-Perception Questionnaire” (r=0.77) was used for data collection. Seven research questions were answered in the study.
Facebook (751 or 90.2%) and Twitter (646 or 77.6%) were the most commonly accessible social media networks while meeting with friends (651 or 78.2%), getting news (566 or 67.9%), communication (554 or 66.5%) and online learning (450 or 54.0%) were major purposes for social media usage among the undergraduate students. Low level of social media addiction and positive self-perception were also established among the undergraduate students. Self perception is significantly positively related with social media utilisation (r = .181, p<0.01) and social media addiction (r = .195, p<0.01). The relative contribution of social media utilisation and social media addiction to self perception were (β = .111, t = 2.852) and (β = .140, t = 3.569) respectively. Social media utilisation and addiction to social media relatively contributed significantly to University of Ibadan undergraduates’ self-perception.

Keywords: Social media networks, Social media utilisation, Social media addiction, Selfperception, Undergraduate students,

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