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Impact of job satisfaction on employees' performance: a case study of secondary school teachers in Ogun State, Nigeria

Kehinde Mutairu Akintola, Wasiu A. Ijaduola


This study investigated the effect of job satisfaction on employees' performance with specific focus on teachers in secondary schools in Yewa South Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted while questionnaire was used as instrument of data collection. A total of 120 copies of questionnaire was administered to teachers selected across 5 secondary schools in the location of the study out of which only 108 were returned with useful and usable responses. The indicators of satisfaction investigated include classroom environment, work ethics, welfare package and training policy. Majority of the teachers were satisfied with classroom environment and work ethics in their schools but affirmed their dissatisfaction with welfare package and training policy being implemented in their schools. Also, classroom environment, work ethics and welfare package were found to be major factors that determine the level of job performance of teachers in schools in Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria. However, the four indicators of job satisfaction were found to jointly make significant contribution to teachers' job performance contributing 42.2%. The study recommended that school authorities to put the issue of welfare package and training policy at the front burner of the budgeting to ensure optimum performance from the teachers.

Keywords: Employees' job satisfaction, Employees' job performance, secondary school teachers, Ogun State, Nigeria

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