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Causes and consequences of poor reading habit on primary school pupils in Enugu urban

Blessing Ifeoma Madu, Godwin Nwachukwu Arua


The aim of this research work was to find out the causes and consequences of poor reading habit on primary school pupils in Enugu urban. Out of the whole population, 200 (two hundred) teachers and five primary schools were selected. The method of data collection was thro questionnaire while collected data collected were analyzed using frequency table and percentages. The researchers found out that poor libraries or unavailability of librarian in our primary schools, unconducive environment, lack of teaching resources and teachers' method of guiding pupils to learn how to read were the causes of poor reading habit among primary school pupils. Moreover, they noticed that poor reading habit negatively affect pupils' educational achievement. The researchers also found out that learning in a conducive environment, establishment of libraries, etc can reduce the increase of poor reading habit on primary school pupils.  Recommendations were made which the researchers believe is appropriate implemented would go a wider range to develop and improve the reading habit of primary school  pupils.

Keywords: Reading, Reading habit, Poor reading habit.

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