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Catch them young: The librarians concern

Chuks Daniel Oriogu
Roselyn Esoname Subair
Sussan Udoaku Ogbuiyi


Education is vital in the development of a nation. The axiom “catch them young”  expresses the desire to train, cater, support and guild children early in life to develop    love for education in order to become lifelong learners. This is a paramount concern to librarians in school libraries to meet the intrinsic fact in nation building. The study  explore literatures on school library as an integral part of education, ICT skills and  competencies of librarian in the modern school libraries, Using ICT to enhance the  early childhood learning environment, Reading habit as a means of lifelong learning,  Application of behaviour theory on early childhood education. The study finally   advocated for allocation of adequate fund in the running of school libraries, provision of relevant and adequate information resources, equipment of school libraries with ICT facilities and employment of professional librarians and, or, media specialist to direct and coordinate the activities of the school libraries.

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print ISSN: 0331-8214