The role of Oyo State Library Board in promoting reading habits of secondary school students in Oyo State

  • Moses Olusegun Kolawole


This study was carried out to investigate the role of Oyo State Library Board in promoting reading habit among secondary school students in Oyo State. In attaining the desire objectives of this study, questionnaire technique was used and was distributed to the staffs of the board that were responsible for schools and literacy programme. The research revealed that, part of the methods used in promoting reading habit in secondary school include excursion to libraries by secondary school students, libraries orientation, readers clubs, library period, book exhibition, book club etc. The study also revealed that myriad of problems confronting the board in promoting reading habit include funding, absence of school library in many public schools, lack of library period in the school curriculum, home video syndrome, the use of handset, high cost of children literature book and a host of other problems. The researcher recommended that government should provide fund, establish libraries in all secondary schools, include library period in school time table and inclusion of library programme in secondary school curriculum as a way of promoting reading habit among children in secondary schools in Oyo state.

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print ISSN: 0331-8214