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Access and preference to media resources for sustainable development: A case study of secondary schools in Lagos State

Olukunle Osunrinade, Olugbenga Adeniyi


The article discussed access to and preference for media resources among secondary school students in Lagos State in relation to the achievement. The types of media resources available for use, location of access and frequency of accessibility of the media resources were discussed. The study concluded that access to and preference for adequate and relevant media resources is key for the achievement of sustainable development goals in Nigeria. The study recommended that due to the invaluable nature of media resources, school library media specialists in schools should acquire a good deal of efficiency in the collection, organisation and retrieval of media resources so that school library staff are able to assist students to obtain, retrieve and use the right media resources at the very right time in the right format. This could be achieved by organising and classifying media resources so that students are able to access required information easily and quickly for their research and personal benefits.

Keywords: Access and preference for media resources, Sustainable development goals, Secondary school students.

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