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The changing landscape of higher education research in the new normal era: prospects and challenges

Florence Tope Dahunsi


Nigeria needs a viable, robust and applicable higher education research and innovation to meet the reality in the society today. That researches are being carried out in the nation’s higher institutions is an understatement. Qualities of these researches and the implementation of all the recommendations compare with other advanced nations are the issues to be addressed especially around now that the new normal era occasioned by Covid-19. Since Covid-19 has greatly changed the way things are being done, it is imperative that improvement in the quality of higher education research and innovation be given adequate attention in order to assist the stakeholders in higher education in overcoming some of the challenges posed by the disruption of the new normal era. This paper discussed issues around the landscape of higher education research in Nigeria. The challenges hindering research activities of academic staff in Nigerian higher institutions were discussed and recommendations were made to improve the landscape of research and innovations in Nigerian higher educational institutions.

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print ISSN: 0331-8214