Towards eradicating domestic violence in Igarra community: The theatre option

  • Ada Lucy Onaivi


Domestic violence issues have become heightened in the Nigerian society in recent times. These in turn has led to cases of divorce, child abuse,  emotional instability in children and in some cases death. it is on this note that this study utilizes drama to explore issues of domestic violence, bringing  to limelight its attendant problems. The study uses drama and participatory tools such as the Focused Group Discussions (FGD’s) and the Semi Structured  Interview (SSI) to derive information on the factors or causes of domestic violence, identifying who the attacker and victim are, the effects of  domestic violence on the stability of the home and its members and the way out of this issue. The paper concludes that after discussions held, all  stakeholders are part of the reason for violence in their homes and they should all be involved in the process of reducing it to its lowest minimum.


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