Occurrence of Klebsiella Species in Cultured African Catfish in Oyo State, South-West Nigeria

  • I. Adeshina
  • S. A. Abdrahman
  • A. A. Yusuf
Keywords: Klebsiella, Occurrence, Diseases, infection.


Over the years, the increase in population, incomes, and demograph has lead to the increase in the consumption of fish as a result of its nutritional values. Clarias gariepinus is the most cultured fish species in Nigeria and attracts significant economic value making it a species of interest. Fish is capable of habouring diseases and therefore, must be safe and free of infectious pathogens if aquaculture should fulfill its potential. Infectious disease has being one of the major causes of death worldwide in recent times. Klebsiella species in the family of enterobacteriacea causes urinary tract infections, pneumonia, septicemias and soft tissue infections in human. They are opportunistic pathogens found the gastrointestinal tract of the host and spread rapidly thereby capable of causing nosocomial outbreaks. The study examined the prevalence of Klebisiella species in fish tissues in Oyo State, Nigeria. A total of seven hundred and fifty-six (756) fish organs from one hundred and eight (108) fish were examined for Klebsiella investigation. Fish of body weight ranges between 300g to 1300g were used for this study using stratified methods. The samples were examined using standard methods, biochemical characterization methods were employed in this study and data obtained were analysed using descriptive statistics. The results show that all the 66 isolates were gram-negative, did not haemolysis sheep blood, catalase positive, oxidase negative, non-motile, and ferment lactose, sucrose and mannitol sugars. Percentages of klebsiella species occurrence were 22.22% in forest zone and 40.72% in savannah zone. Fish with total length 51-60cm had highest incidence (52.17%), and body weight of 601-900g had highest incidence (57.14%). Generally, skin, gill, liver and muscle were the major location of Klebsiella species occurrence ranges from 11% to 14.81%. Therefore occurrence of Klebsiella species in higher in savannah zone than forest zone. The distribution of the klebsiella in fish in Oyo State shows that it is a problem present in fish tissues.

Key words: Klebsiella, Occurrence, Diseases, infection.


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