Fertility Parameters in Crossbred Sows Treated with Cloprostenol Sodium (Synchromate®) in Zaria, Nigeria

  • B. E. Oke-Egbodo
  • E. K. Bawa
  • A. I. Nwannenna
  • P. O. Oke
  • R Hassan
Keywords: Fertility parameters, crossbred sows, cloprostenol sodium, Zaria.


This study was carried out to evaluate fertility parameters in crossbred sows in Zaria, following treatment with Cloprostenol sodium (Synchromate®). Ten (n = 10) apparently healthy crossbred sows were randomly assigned to two equal treatment groups based on number of injections of 500μg Synchromate®. Group 1 received two injections on days 0 and 13, while Group 2 received three injections on days 0, 7 and 13. Oestrus was monitored visually for signs of oestrus twice daily from 0700 – 1000h and 1500 – 1800h. The fertility parameters evaluated were: oestrus response rate (ORR), time to onset of oestrus (TOO), duration of oestrus (DOO), conception rate (CR), pregnancy rate (PR), farrowing rate (FR) and litter size (LS). Data on ORR, CR, PR and FR were expressed in percentages while TOO, DOO and LS were expressed as mean ± SEM. Student t-test and Tukey’s post-hoc test were used to compare the percentages and mean values between the groups. The Graphpad Prism® data package was used for statistical analysis and values of P<0.05 were considered significant. Fertility parameters TOO, DOO, LS, ORR, CR, PR, FR for Group 1 (187.20 ± 8.98h, 87.60 ± 4.49h, 7.25 ± 1.44, 100 %, 60 %, 80 % and 100 % respectively) and Group 2 (176.00 ± 40.00h, 86.60 ± 13.36h, 7.50 ± 1.50, 60 %, 100 %, 80 % and 66.67 % respectively). The differences in fertility parameters between the groups were not statistically significant. It is recommended therefore that double injections of cloprostenol sodium (Synchromate®) should be used for oestrus synchronization as it increases fertility parameters in cross bred sows at 13 days apart.

Key words: Fertility parameters, crossbred sows, cloprostenol sodium, Zaria.


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