Dystocia due to Dicephalic Foetus in an Ouda Yankasa Cross Ewe

  • E. I. Oviawe
  • H. Yusuf-Ibrahim
  • S. Muhammed
  • U. Adamu
  • A. M. Mayaki
  • A. A. Raji
  • H. N. Yahaya
  • A. A. Adeyeye
Keywords: Congenital, Lambing, Dystocia, Ewes, Pregnancy.


A two-year-old Ouda Yankasa cross ewe was presented to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto with the complaint of difficulty in parturition. History revealed the ewe had been straining for 3 days prior to the presentation without successfully lambing. Physical examination revealed the ewe was weak, depressed, recumbent and intermittently straining with pale ocular mucus membrane. A limb was seen protruding from the vulva with lochial discharge. A dead foetus with two heads was delivered through caeserian section. Radiological examination revealed incomplete twining from the atlas bone caudally. One hour after surgery, the dam also died. Post mortem examination revealed poor nutritional condition of the dam and its rumen impacted with 3.8 kg weight of polythene. Pinpoint haemorrhages on the uterine wall and uterine lumen lined with pus extending to the uterine horn were observed. This report shows that dicephalic foetus is detrimental to sustainable livestock production. In addition, the delay in seeking veterinary care caused the septicemia seen and led to the death of the dam and foetus.

Key words: Congenital, Lambing, Dystocia, Ewes, Pregnancy.


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eISSN: 0331-3026