Examination of the lung and liver for pathological changes in hunted grasscutters (Thryonomis swinderianus) in southwest Nigeria

  • T.A. Jarikre
  • O Awe
  • A.A. Bakare
  • B.O. Emikpe
Keywords: Cane rats, Diseases, Domestication, Nigeria


This study investigated the pathological changes in the lungs and liver of some hunted grasscutters in order to reduce mortality and enhance their domestication. The grasscutters were sourced from hunters from low rain forest to rich savanna ecological zones in southwestern Nigeria. The sampling period was from May to October 2016. A total of thirty carcasses were used for this study. The lungs and liver were examined grossly and microscopically using standard technique. Pneumonia was present in 17 (56%), consisting of Pulmonary congestion in 4 (13%), Interstitial pneumonia in 13 (43%), and Bronchopneumonia in 4 (13%), while 9 (30%) lungs were apparently normal. The hepatic lesions included centrilobular hepatocellular degeneration, and severe multifocal necrotizing hepatitis. In conclusion, pneumonia is a major disease present in grasscutters, with interstitial pneumonia being the most prevalent pneumonia. Adequate housing and management of grasscutter should ensure minimal stressors that may hinder pulmonary clearance mechanisms.

Keywords: Cane rats, Diseases, Domestication, Nigeria


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eISSN: 0331-3026