Some Aspects of Reproductive Performance of Red Sokoto Goat Does Post Synchronization with Prostaglandin F2-Alpha And Progesterone Sponges

  • A.A. Bello
  • A.A Voh JR
  • D. Ogwu
  • L.B. Tekdek
Keywords: Reproductive, Red Sokoto, Does, Prostaglandin F2-alpha and Progesterone.


A study on reproduction of 52 Red Sokoto Goat (RSG) does was conducted to evaluate some aspects of their reproductive performance for clinical application and as an update. Does were randomly divided into 18, 18 and 16 as prostaglandin F2-alpha (PGF2α),  progesterone sponges (P4S) and control groups respectively. Double injection protocol of PGF2α, 12-days apart, and P4S inserted for 12-days were used to synchronize oestrus, while the control group received no treatment. Thirteen bucks were used, seven as breeders and six as heat detectors. Oestrus detection employed visual observation and apronisation. Standing to be mounted was the cardinal  sign of oestrus. Breeding was by hand-mating and at detected oestrus. Results indicated heterosexual and homosexual mounting, thin stringy clear mucous discharge and standing-to-be-mounted as signs of oestrus. Oestrus response rate was 100 %, 94.4 % and 75.0 %  for PGF2α, P4S and Control respectively; P4S retention rate was 94%. Effect of synchronization agent on on-set of oestrus was 15.86 + 0.73 h (PGF2α), 15.08 + 0.84 h (P4S) and 17.73 + 0.85 h (Control), while parity on on-set of oestrus was 12.12 + 1.87 h (first), 17.77 + 0.77  h (second) and 18.79 + 1.95 h (third). Effect of synchronization agent on duration of oestrus was 44.76 + 2.13 h, 45.78 + 2.46 h and 42.40 + 2.50 h for PGF2Α P4S and Control respectively, while parity on duration of oestrus was 42.26 + 5.48 h (first), 45.02 + 2.27 h (second) and 45.67 + 5.73 h (third). There were no significant differences (P > 0.05) for oestrus on-set and duration. Overall pregnancy and  conception rates were 65.4 % and 72.3 % respectively, kidding rate was 76.5 %, abortion rate was 23.5 % and late embryonic mortality rate was 26.5 %. Mean gestation were 146.29 + 1.59 and 146.63 + 1.64 for single and twin births respectively. Age, parity and body condition score of dam had significant effect on litter size (P < 0.05). It was concluded that some aspects of the reproductive  performance of the RSG does studied following oestrus synchronization with PGF2α and P4S had clinical application, good and acceptable.

Key Words: Reproductive, Red Sokoto, Does, Prostaglandin F2-alpha and Progesterone.


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eISSN: 0331-3026