Incidence of dermatophilosis (kirchi) in sheep from livestock markets in Jigawa State

  • B.B.J. George
  • Aliyu Ben-Umar


A survey was conducted between October 1995 and September 2000 in which a total of 475 sheep with clinical manifestations of dermatitis were examined for the presence of Dermatophilus congolensis. Results obtained from samples carried out during the dry season (October to May) showed that only 24(5.25%) were positive for this organism. In samples collected during the wet season (June to September), a total of 49 (10.7%) positive cases were recorded. These figures compared favorably with earlier reports from infections in cattle in which 4-6% infection rate was reported during the dry season and 10-12% in the wet season. It is strongly suggested that sheep are equally susceptible to infection as are cattle and therefore should merit the same attention given to this infection in terms of control in cattle.
KEY WORDS: Sheep, Dermatophilosis, Incidence.

(Nigerian Veterinary Journal: 2002 23(2): 46-50)

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eISSN: 0331-3026