Nigerian Veterinary Journal

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A comparative evaluation of the ultrastructure and protein yields of four leptospires using the detergent solubilization and mechanical disruption techniques

CA Agunloye


The morphology of whole and modified leptospires and their protein yields were compared. The four leptospire serovars considered were L. grippotyphosa, L. hamptoni, L. hardjo and L. pomona. The ultrastructure of the mechanically disrupted leptospire showed that the outer envelope of the leptospire were released, although the process was not as efficient as the detergent solubilized technique. Additionally some axial filaments were also released. The protein yield of L. hardjo from the two techniques of leptospire protein preparation was significantly lower than the other test serovars (P<0.01). Overall, the protein yield of antigens produced by the SDS solubilization technique was significantly higher than the mechanical disruption technique (P< 0.01)

KEY WORDS: Leptospires, antigens, ultrastructure, protein yield

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol.23(1) 2002: 33-39
AJOL African Journals Online