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Multiple congenital skeletal malformations in a lamb associated with dystocia in a Yankasa ewe

IU Ate, L Allam


A ewe was relieved of dystocia by manual manipulation. The lamb was found to be malformed. There were multiple skeletal malformations which included brachygnathia, arthrogryposis and kyphoscoliosis. Other malformations included patella absence, resulting in bowing of both fore and hind limbs with poorly developed muscles associated with these skeletal structure. Dystocia was believed to be a result of fetal monstrosity resulting in abnormal posture. The cause of the congenital malformations was not obvious immediately. Further observations of the ewe in subsequent pregnancies are envisaged.

KEY WORDS: Multiple, Congenital, Skeletal, Malformations, Lamb, dystocia, Yankasa-ewe

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol.23(1) 2002: 61-63
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