Internal fixation of an oblique femoral fracture in a German Shepherd puppy: A case report

  • NL Ogo Vetcure Konsults, 3, Afodume Street, Jos
  • YJ Usman Yaks & Yaks Veterinary Consultancy & Clinic Ltd, 16 Ahmadu Bello Way, P. O. Box 2203, Jos.
  • MF Joseph Parasitology Department National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom - Plateau State
Keywords: Oblique femoral fracture, neuroleptanalgesia


A 6 month old puppy with oblique femoral fracture on the right hind limb was treated by surgical manipulation which required internal stabilization using a lagscrew fixed in a craniocaudual direction, and a bone plate fixed laterally. Bone healing occurred without complications and the dog's limb was restored to its normal use after seven (7) months.
KEY WORDS: Oblique femoral fracture, neuroleptanalgesia
Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol.25(1) 2004: 45-48

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eISSN: 0331-3026