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Acute organophosphorus compound poisoning in cattle: A case report

US Abdullahi


A case of an acute organophosphorus compound, GOLDFLEECE poisoning involving 39 cattle at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi is reported. The animals were overexposed to the compound following routine tick spray. Within 15 minutes after the spray of the compound, 26 animals were recumbent showing foamy salivation, muscles stiffness with paralysis, severe respiratory distress and protraction of the tongue. In some animals bloat, cough, lacrimation and blindness were observed. Fifteen (15) animals died within an hour and 11 were resuscitated following multiple injections with atropine sulphate. Thirteen (13) other animals were treated and confined. Respond to treatment was excellent except for 2 animals that exhibited the convulsion episode and collapse 24 and 48 hours respectively past treatment. They were treated with additional dose of atropine and chlorpromazine (tranquilizer) and good response was obtained.

KEY WORDS: Poisoning, organophosphorus compound, cattle

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol.25(1) 2004: 49-52