The role of Momordica balsamina fruit pulp extract in development of immunity to avian newcastle disease virus.

  • H O Olabode
  • N O Eghafona
  • L O Mgbojikwe
Keywords: <i>Momordica balsamina</i>, Immune response, Avian NDV


Aqueous fruit pulp extract of Momordica balsamina was examined for its role on immune responses to Newcastle disease virus. Sera obtained from birds 10 days post-inoculation with live, inactivated mesogenic Newcastle disease virus strains and treated with the extract (400mg/ml) were compared by Haemagglutination inhibition test (HAI). The HAI titres revealed significant difference by ANOVA and chi square statistical analysis (P<0.001). The correlation analysis further revealed significance at values of r < 0.50. In vitro studies showed 100% inhibition of cytopathic effect and a significant reduction in the number of plaques in comparison to untreated controls. The findings showed that the extract has no protective immunogenic effect but rather some potent antiviral tendency. Thus, justifying its use traditionally. In conclusion, the fruit pulp extract of Momordica balsamina can indeed be a potential ethno-veterinary antiviral product.

Keywords: Momordica balsamina, Immune response, Avian NDV

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol. 28 (1) 2007 pp. 41-47

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eISSN: 0331-3026