A Retrospective Study Of Atresia Ani Cases At The Ahamdu Bello University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Zaria, Nigeria

  • B D Remi-Adewunmi
  • M S Fale
  • B Usman
  • M Lawal
Keywords: Retrospective study, Atresia ani, Zaria.


From the medical records, four thousand, nine hundred and eighty-two (4, 982) animals were presented to the Ahmadu Bello University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital (ABUVTH), Zaria during the period under study (January 1990 – December 2000). Out of these, 18 cases of atresia ani were reported. 14 cases (77.8%) were males and 4 cases (22.2%) were females. Nine (50%) of the animals were in bovine while in porcine, ovine and caprine 3 (16.7%) cases were recorded in each. Atresia ani was not recorded in canine and feline species. Atresia ani occurred alone (uncomplicated) in 13 cases while it was complicated in 1 case each with either recto-urethral fistula or recto-vaginal fistula, hypospadias, absence of preputial orifice or absence of urogenital organs. Treatment was through surgical correction.

Keywords: Retrospective study, Atresia ani, Zaria.

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol. 28 (1) 2007 pp. 48-53

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eISSN: 0331-3026