The effects of progesterone, stilbesterol and its combination on the haematological parameters in female albino rats.

  • U K Sandabe
  • W Y Timothy
Keywords: Progesterone, Stilbesterol and Blood Parameters


The effects of different hormonal treatments on blood parameters in 24 female Albino rats were studied. The rats were kept in four clean cages and given feeds and water ad libitum. Progesterone, stilbesterol (estrogen preparation) and progesterone-stilbesterol combination were injected intramuscularly daily for three weeks and withdrawn for two weeks. Blood (0.2-0.3 ml) was collected from the tail on weekly basis and analyzed for the values of red blood cell (RBC), white blood cell (WBC), differential leucocytes count (DLC), packed cell volume (PCV) and haemoglobin concentration (Hb). The results showed that RBC counts decreased (P<0.05) when the rats were treated with progesterone and stilbesterol, while after withdrawal of treatment stilbesterol showed no change (P>0.05). Progesterone administration did not show any change in total WBC counts (P>0.05) while stilbesterol and progesterone-stilbesterol combination showed changes (P<0.05) across the weeks. All the three treatment regimens did not affect the DLC counts (P>0.05) across the weeks. Progesterone alone and its combination with stilbesterol did not alter the PCV of the rats across the weeks. Stilbesterol showed decreasing effect on the PCV value on the third week (P<0.05), but after the withdrawal of the treatment, it did not show any change (P>0.05). Only stilbesterol treatment showed changes in Hb concentration across the weeks, but the effect reversed after the withdrawal of the treatment. In general the results showed that the three different hormonal treatments did not cause any severe untoward effects on the blood; however it was concluded that progesterone, stilbesterol or their combination may be employed for usage, up to two weeks in rats.

Keywords:Progesterone, Stilbesterol and Blood Parameters

Nigerian Veterinary Journal Vol. 28 (2) 2007 pp. 12-17

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eISSN: 0331-3026