Legalising same sex marriage and cloning: a need for ethical consideration

  • Gloria Faith Ehiemua
  • Lateef Kayode Adeyemo


This paper examines the objectification of persons using same sex married couples situation. It argues that the legislation of same sex marriage creates “artificial infertility” and promotes dependency on cloning for procreation of genetically related children. The aim of this work is to highlight the legalisation of same sex marriages as “creating a pool of infertile persons” for purposes which go beyond the happiness of same sex couples. The methods adopted are analogical, casuistry and normative. Arguments put forward use same sex married couples situation to buttress the objectification of infertile persons in human cloning. The finding shows a relationship between the legalisation of same sex marriages and cloning. The work concludes that the ban on human cloning should not be lifted since self inflicted harm must be avoided.


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eISSN: 1597-474X