Philosophy: A veritable tool for rescuing African leadership from the legacies of colonial administration

  • Godfrey C. Asadu
  • Callistus C. Aguinam
Keywords: Leadership, Colonialism, Philosophy


Today, many decades after independence, the much vaunted vision and mission of the African states to be among the most cherished states of the world, is far from being realized. The underdeveloped state of almost all African states is said to have at its basis poor leadership. The study reveals that the leadership challenge in Africa is not unconnected with her contact with colonialists. It is argued that the present political system of the continent is a direct reflection of the colonial system which is highly centralized and authoritarian in nature. It follows therefore, that the bad system of governance in Africa is attributable to colonial experience. To make head way, Africa has to free herself from the legacies of colonial administration. It is therefore, the firm intent of this paper to argue to the fact that philosophy has a vital role in reorienting Africans to create their own indigenous identity which not only settles the crisis of leadership but as well bring about the overall and much desired growth and development. It is a journey to critical self-awareness and self-realization made possible through philosophy.

Keywords: Leadership, Colonialism, Philosophy


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eISSN: 1597-474X