Amniotic Band Destruction Syndrome causing Umbilical cord strangulation in a pregnancy with diabetes: A case report

  • Shah Krupa
  • Sangha Surabhi
  • A.P. Ashwini
  • Bhat Shashikala
  • Vinod Vinutha
Keywords: Amniotic band syndrome, Fetal malformation, Umbilical cord constriction band, Second trimester fetal death, Limb malformationCorrespondenceDr


Amniotic band destruction syndrome is rare. It is a constellation of major and minor abnormalities, which arises from lacerated amniotic band. The amniotic band syndrome involving umbilical cord constriction is even rare. We describe a case of umbilical cord constriction resulting in fetal demise and limb defects in second trimester.


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eISSN: 1027-9148