Pattern of Presentation of Primary Bone Tumors in Nnewi, South-East Nigeria

  • Anthony I. Ugezu
  • Chima O Imo
  • Chima C Ihegihu
  • Robinson O Ofiaeli
Keywords: Primary bone tumors, Epidemiology, Bone lesions, Histologic types, Nnewi.


Background: Primary bone tumors are rare and there is paucity of information on the pattern of its presentation in our environment. There is less thought given to it by the patients and sometimes medical personnel, leading to late presentation, late diagnosis and subsequent adverse sequelae.
Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the pattern of presentation of primary bone tumors in Nnewi South Eastern Nigeria
Methodology: This was a retrospective hospital based study. Records of patients with histological confirmed primary bone tumors seen between January 2012 and December 2016 were reviewed. Patient’s bio-data, symptoms, time of presentation to hospital, anatomical sites involved and tumor histological types were obtained and analyzed. Results: Thirty one (31) patients were studied. There were more males than females (1.1:1). The mean age of the patients was 38.8± 1.2 years with a range of 4-73 years. The most common malignant bone tumor seen was Osteosarcoma. Pain was the most common symptom and the interval between onset of symptom and presentation was 36.9 months with a range of 2-168 months. The distal femur is the most commonly involved anatomical site.
Conclusion: Primary bone tumors are not very common, but more patients with malignant tumors were seen in our environment. Most patients presented with pain and swelling. Medical personnel are advised to have a high index of suspicion when evaluating patients with these symptoms.

Key words: Primary bone tumors, Epidemiology, Bone lesions, Histologic types, Nnewi.


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