Pattern of Ocular Diseases among Computer users in Enugu, Nigeria

  • C G Onyekonwu
  • R E Umeh
Keywords: Ocular diseases, Computer users, Nigeria.


Objective: To determine the pattern of ocular disorders among computer users in Enugu. Methods: A cross-sectional survey of computer users was conducted in Enugu metropolis between August and December 2000. 560 subjects were selected by simple random sampling method. Examination methods include use of interviewer-administered structured questionnaire, visual acuity tests for distance and near, external eye examination, tonometry, direct ophthalmoscopy, retinoscopy and measurement of the distance between the operator and the computer. Result: A total of 354(63.2%) females and 206(36.8%) males were recruited for the study. Majority of the subjects (85.6%) were under 34 years of age. Two hundred and eleven (37.7%) out of five hundred and sixty subjects interviewed and examined had ocular disorders. Common ocular disorders seen include refractive errors (55%), presbyopia (16.6%), Pterygium (14.7%), conjunctivitis (6.6%). 7 subjects (1.3%) had monocular blindness with VA<3/60. 37 (3.3%) subjects had low vision with VA < 6/18-3/60. Conclusion: Most of the subjects were young people. Ocular disorders were encountered in computer users. Ocular health status of computer users can be improved through periodic ocular examination and health education.

Keywords: Ocular diseases, Computer users, Nigeria.

Orient Journal of Medicine Vol. 19 (1-4) 2007: pp. 38-42

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eISSN: 1115-0521