Author Guidelines

All Orient Journal of Surgical Sciences (OJSS) manuscripts must be submitted through the journal Email:

Author guidance is provided under INFORMATION page on the OJSS website:

All correspondence regarding submitted articles would be exchanged by email.

The Journal provides a platform for local and international clinicians to publish clinical studies, research articles, ethical issues and other topics pertinent to general surgery, surgical sub-specialties, Anaesthesia and Radiology.

We accept original reports, review articles, case reports, medical devices and innovations, short reviews and letters to the editor within the specialties under the scope of the journal. The OJSS observes rigorous peer-review process and undertakes to publish only those manuscripts that meet international standards. We aim to achieve a maximum period of twenty-eight days from submission to decision to publish or decline.


Manuscripts should be typed in double spacing with a margin of 2.5cm on both the left and right margins.

The script must be clearly presented under the following subheadings with each section beginning on a new page:

  1. Title Page:

This should bear the Title of the paper, Authors names, ie Last Name before Given Name and Middle Name (where applicable); Authors Titles; Highest Academic Qualifications, Authors Titles and Affiliations, Name(s) of the Institution where the work was carried out, Authors address including Email and Contact Telephone number of the Corresponding Author.

  1. Abstract Page:
    For Original Articles, the abstract should contain a maximum of 300 words and structured into 4 paragraphs ie Background, Methods, Results , Conclusion.
    The Abstract for Surgical techniques, Review articles, Case reports and Short reviews may not strictly follow the above structured format.
    The Abstract should also include a maximum of six Key Words.
    Abstracts are not mandatory in Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Commentaries and Medical memoranda.
  1. Text Page:

This section should be subdivided into Introduction, Materials and Methods (otherwise Methodology), Results, Discussion, Conclusion and Acknowledgement.

  1. Acknowledgement:

Authors should duly indicate at the end of the main text any financial, material, technical or general support received in the course of their work.

  1. References:

References for Case reports and Letters to the Editor should not exceed a maximum of ten. For all other categories of articles, the OJSS imposes no maximum limit to the number of references.

The references should be numbered according to their order of appearance in the text using Arabic numerals in superscript. All Authors should be listed where they are six or less. However, if they are more than six, mention the first three names followed by et al.

The cited journal title should conform to the way they appear in the Index Medicus or Medline.

For journals that are not yet indexed, the full name of the journal should be given.

Citation format should conform to the Vancouver style:

For Journal Articles:

Surname(s) and Initials of all authors, (ii). Article Title, (iii). Name of the journal, (iv). Year, (v). Volume Number, (vi). First and last pages.

For Author(s) of a Book

Surname(s) and Initials of all authors, (ii). Title of the book, (iii). Edition (except if first), (iv). City, (v). Publisher, (vi). Year, (vii). Page.

For Author(s) of a Chapter in a book

Surname(s) and Initials of all authors of the particular chapter, (ii). Title of the chapter, (iii). Editor(s) of the book, (iv), Title of the book, (v). Edition (except if first), (vi). City, (vii). Publisher, (viii). Year, (ix). Pages.

For Author(s) of a Dissertation or Thesis

Surname(s) and Initials of all authors, (ii). Title of dissertation or Thesis, (iii). Institution, (iv). Year.

6. Tables And Figures (Illustrations):

Tables and illustrations should be presented at the end of the manuscript on separate pages and numbered.

Tables should be typed with double spacing with appropriate titles and numbered in Arabic numerals (eg Table 1, etc). Vertical and horizontal internal lines should be excluded.Figures should be titled and numbered in Arabic numerals (eg. Fig. 1, etc). For electronic submission, each image should be less than 4 MB in size. Size of the image can be reduced by decreasing the actual height and width of the images (keep up to 1800 x 1200 pixels or 5-6 inches). Images can be submitted as jpeg files. Do not zip the files. Legends for the figures/images should be included at the end of the article file.

  1. Units of Measurements:

All measurements must be according to the Metric system (SI units). Temperature should be reported in degrees Celsius (oC).

  1. Ethical Issues:
    The protocol for any investigations or studies in humans must have written clearance from the duly constituted Ethical Committee of the Author’s institution. Consent must also be obtained from the patient(s) and a statement to that effect should accompany the manuscript during submission.
    Images which allow the patient to be identified must be accompanied by the patients written permission which must be submitted along with the manuscript.
  2. Conflict of Interest And Funding:

Authors should provide a written statement regarding sources of their research funding and other conflicts of interest concerning their study.

  1. Copyright

This journal is owned, published and copyrighted by the Department of Surgery, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital (COOUTH), Awka. Anambra State, Nigeria.

  1. Electronic Submission

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the OJSS Email: in accordance with the Information for Authors above and as contained in the Journal website: under the Information page.

  1. Product Advertisement/Commercial Displays

All enquiries regarding fees for advertisements in the Orient Journal of Surgical Sciences should be directed to the Editor via the journal email:

Privacy Statement

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