Producing in compliance with environmental obligation: case of Bedele Brewery

  • Mohammed Ibrahim


The Ethiopian environmental laws have provided different environmental regulation mechanisms for different types of industrial sectors based on their gravity of impact to the environment. Breweries are also subject to such regulation mechanisms according to environmental laws. This paper focuses on study of Bedele brewery with the intent to examine whether it is producing in compliance with the Ethiopian environmental laws. In line with this objective, different Ethiopian environmental laws, together with the data gathered through interview, field observation, and different literature related with the topic are examined. The cumulative result shows that the effluent that is released from the factory is causing some problem on farm land and its products. However, in order to create causal link between this effluent and its impact on the farm land and its products, it needs scientific study or laboratory test both on farm land and the product on the one hand, and the effluent itself on the other hand. Hence, the author of this paper recommends that it is better if the concerned government organs conduct further study through scientific methods or through laboratory test with the intent to give long lasting solution to the problem.


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print ISSN: 2304-8239