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First records in Guinea Bissau of Adamawa Turtle Dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha (Columbidae), with data on morphometrics and body condition

Mariana Carvalho, Susana Dias


There are no confirmed records of the Adamawa Turtle Dove Streptopelia hypopyrrha in north-eastern Guinea Bissau and there is very little information available on the biology of the species. Eight individuals of the Adamawa Turtle Dove were identified from the game bags of sport hunters in north-eastern Guinea Bissau, during the hunting season of 2001 (February–May). The birds were aged and sexed, measured, weighed and examined for moult, fat accumulation and breeding condition. The low numbers of Adamawa Turtle Doves shot suggest a sparse population in the area. The observation of two birds with active crop glands (indicating breeding) and one juvenile suggests that the region is part of the species' breeding range. There was no physical indication of migrating status and the body measurements contribute to knowledge of the species. Further studies on this species in north-eastern Guinea Bissau are needed in order to formulate guidelines for its conservation and management as a game bird.

Ostrich 2006, 77(1&2): 36–39

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