Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology

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Estimating the size and status of waterbird populations in Africa

Tim Dodman


There have been recent advances in estimating the size and status of waterbird populations at the global level. The main objectives of this process are to assist in identifying Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands, to identify conservation and research priorities in order to maintain global waterbird biodiversity, to identify gaps in knowledge, and to support the development of the Conventions on Wetlands, Migratory Species and Biological Diversity. Significant advances were made in reviewing and developing new estimates for waterbird populations occurring in Africa, in preparation for Waterbird Population Estimates (third edition), which was published in 2001. Estimates have now been made for over 80% of waterbird populations in Africa. The process is ongoing and depends upon the input of many contributors and on reviews of published materials and unpublished reports. This paper presents a review of the sizes, overall status and trends of waterbird populations in Africa, and provides generic recommendations for monitoring populations and improving their conservation status.

Ostrich 2007, 78(2): 475–480

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