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Vol 78, No 2 (2007) Importance des lacs urbains de Yamoussoukro dans la conservation des oiseaux d'eau en Côte d'Ivoire Abstract
Assse Amenan Flavienne
Vol 78, No 1 (2007) Important Bird Areas in Zambia
By Peter Leonard (2005)
Lizanne Roxburgh
Vol 88, No 3 (2017) Increasingly urban Marabou Storks start breeding four months early in Kampala, Uganda Abstract
Derek Pomeroy, Micheal Kibuule
Vol 81, No 1 (2010) Infection prevalence and absence of positive correlation between avian haemosporidian parasites, mass and body condition in the Cape Weaver Ploceus capensis Abstract
Albert Schultz, Les G Underhill, Roy A Earlé, George Underhill
Vol 82, No 3 (2011) Inferred hybridisation, sympatry and movements of Chorister Robin-Chat Cossypha dichroa and Red-capped Robin-Chat C. natalensis Abstract
Gregory BP Davies, Craig T Symes, Richard GC Boon, Hamish A Campbell
Vol 85, No 3 (2014) Insights into the feeding ecology of the Seychelles Black Parrot Coracopsis barklyi using two monitoring approaches Abstract
Anna Reuleaux, Heather Richards, Terence Payet, Pascal Villard, Matthias Waltert, Nancy Bunbury
Vol 90, No 2 (2019) Intertidal foraging by Tristan Thrushes Abstract
Peter G. Ryan, Ben J. Dilley
Vol 80, No 3 (2009) Investigating the practicality of using radio tracking to determine home range and movements of Picathartidae Abstract
Taku Awa II, Malcolm D Burgess, Ken Norris
Vol 82, No 2 (2011) Investigations of sexual dimorphism in live Kittlitz’s Plover Charadrius pecuarius from inland South Africa Abstract
Włodzimierz Meissner, Magdalena Remisiewicz, Lucyna Pilacka
Vol 79, No 1 (2008) Is commercial Protea farming causing a change in the seasonal range of Gurney\'s Sugarbird Promerops gurneyi in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa? Abstract
David Potgieter, Mark Brown, Colleen T Downs
Vol 87, No 1 (2016) Is diet adaptability a reason for the persistence of African Crowned Eagles Stephanoaetus coronatus in altered habitats? Abstract
Brian Reeves, Andre F. Boshoff
Vol 88, No 1 (2017) Is the Black Harrier Circus maurus a specialist predator? Assessing the diet of a threatened raptor species endemic to southern Africa Abstract
Marie-Sophie Garcia-Heras, François Mougeot, Beatriz Arroyo, Graham Avery, Margaret Avery, Robert E Simmons
Vol 88, No 2 (2017) Kalahari vulture declines, through the eyes of meerkats Abstract
Jack B Thorley, Tim Clutton-Brock
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) L'échenilleur de La Réunion, Coracina newtoni, espèce endémique en danger Abstract
Thomas Ghestemme, Marc Salamolard
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) La migration du faucon concolore (Falco concolor) et du faucon d'Eléonore (Falco eleonorae) en Tunisie Abstract
Hannibal Hamrouni
Vol 77, No 2 (2006) Land use patterns within Wattled Crane (Bugeranus carunculatus) home ranges in an agricultural landscape in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Abstract
Kevin I McCann, Grant A Benn
Vol 82, No 2 (2011) Large declines of the Hooded Vulture Necrosyrtes monachus across its African range Abstract
DL Ogada, R Buij
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) Le régime alimentaire de trois espèces de rapaces nocturnes en Tunisie: la chouette chevêche, la chouette effraie et le hibou grand-duc Abstract
Hajer Ben Alaya, Saïd Nouira
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) Les oiseaux d'eau et de milieux humides de la region de Kisangani (RDC): diversite et abondance specifiques Abstract
Andemwana Bapeamoni, Draso Amundala, Babapene Bakondangama, Mizani Danadu, Ngongo Kadange, Kyamakya Kaswera, Mulotwa Mulotwa, Mbalitini Gambalemoke, Akaïbe Dudu, Agenong’a Upoki
Vol 82, No 2 (2011) Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor as a nomadic species in African shallow alkaline lakes and pans: genetic structure and future perspectives Abstract
Serena Zaccara, Giuseppe Crosa, Isabella Vanetti, Giorgio Binelli, Brooks Childress, Graham McCulloch, David M Harper
Vol 79, No 2 (2008) Lesser Flamingo Phoenicopterus minor populations in eastern and southern Africa are not genetically isolated Abstract
Serena Zaccara, Giuseppe Crosa, Brooks Childress, Graham McCulloch, David M Harper
Vol 86, No 3 (2015) Long-distance dispersal capability of Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor between India and Africa: genetic inferences for future conservation plans Abstract
B.M. Parasharya, D.N. Rank, D.M. Harper, G Crosa, S Zaccara, N Patel, C.G. Joshi
Vol 76, No 3 (2005) Longer is fatter: body mass changes of migrant Reed Warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus) staging at Eilat, Israel Abstract
R Yosef, N Chernetsov
Vol 87, No 1 (2016) Longevity and survival of the Endangered Seychelles Magpie Robin Copsychus sechellarum Abstract
Julie Gane, April Burt
Vol 89, No 3 (2018) Longevity in some Malagasy rainforest passerines Abstract
Friederike Woog, Narisoa Ramanitra, Andrianarivelosoa Solohery Rasamison, Rasolondraibe Lovahasina Tahiry
Vol 82, No 3 (2011) Long-term monitoring of an insular population of Barbary Falcon Falco peregrinus pelegrinoides Abstract
Manuel Siverio, Felipe Siverio, Beneharo Rodríguez, Airam Rodríguez
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) Long-term studies on productivity of Roseate Terns and Lesser Noddies on Aride Island, Seychelles Abstract
Jaime A Ramos, David Monticelli
Vol 80, No 1 (2009) Loss of sunflower seeds to columbids in South Africa: economic implications and control measures Abstract
JH van Niekerk
Vol 89, No 2 (2018) Madagascar Fish Eagle productivity in the Tsimembo-Manambolomaty Protected Area and surrounding habitat of western Madagascar Abstract
Gilbert Razafimanjato, Lily-Arison René de Roland, Marius Rakotondratsima, Stephanie Razakaratrimo, Yverlin ZM Pruvot, Tsiresy M Razafimanantsoa, Aristide Andrianarimisa, Russell Thorstrom
Vol 89, No 1 (2018) Managing human disturbance: factors influencing flight-initiation distance of birds in a West African nature reserve Abstract
Bukola Braimoh, Soladoye Iwajomo, Mark Wilson, Adams Chaskda, Afan Ajang, Will Cresswell
Vol 75, No 1 (2004) Mass breeding and diet of Red-billed Quelea in the Etosha National Park, Namibia, in 1978 Abstract
HH Berry, R Kyle, D Kyle
Vol 89, No 3 (2018) Memorial Abstract
Kit Hustler, Carl Vernon
Vol 90, No 1 (2019) Microfilarial infections associated with body mass loss of Village Weavers Ploceus cucullatus Abstract
Andong F. Atawal, Anthony C. Mgbeahuruike, Martijn Hammers
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) Migration Abstracts Abstract
Mohammed Garba Boyi
Vol 78, No 2 (2007) Migration et hivernage de quelques passereaux au Maroc: Mise au point à partir des données de baguage-reprise Abstract
Hamid Rguibi Idrissi, Mohamed Dakki, Franz Bairlein
Vol 88, No 1 (2017) Migration flyway of the Mediterranean breeding Lesser Crested Tern Thalasseus bengalensis emigratus Abstract
Abdulmaula Hamza, Nicola Baccetti, Joe Sultana, Jaber Yahia, Marco Zantello, Adriano de Faveri, Nick Cutts, John Borg, Hichem Azafzaf, Pierre Defos du Rau, Esam Bourass, Khaled Etayeb, Michael Elliott
Vol 89, No 1 (2018) Migration of a Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus calidus from Saudi Arabia to Cape Town as revealed by satellite telemetry Abstract
Bernd-Ulrich Meyburg, Patrick Paillat, Christiane Meyburg, Michael McGrady
Vol 87, No 1 (2016) Migration patterns of the Osprey Pandion haliaetus on the Eastern European–East African flyway Abstract
Ülo Väli, Urmas Sellis
Vol 77, No 2 (2006) Migration routes and staging areas of Abdim's Storks Ciconia abdimii identified by satellite telemetry Abstract
Flemming Pagh Jensen, Knud Falk, Bo Svenning Petersen
Vol 90, No 1 (2019) Minimum population size and distribution of Grey Crowned Cranes Balearica regulorum in Rwanda: an aerial and ground survey Abstract
Olivier Nsengimana, Matthew Becker, Deo Ruhagazi, Jean Ferus Niyomwungeri
Vol 89, No 2 (2018) Missing the bigger picture: a response to Beale (2018) Abstract
Andrew E McKechnie, Arjun Amar
Vol 89, No 2 (2018) Missing the bigger picture: reply to McKechnie and Amar (2018) Abstract
Colin M Beale
Vol 89, No 4 (2018) Modelling bird atlas reporting rate as a function of density in the southern Karoo, South Africa Abstract
Alan TK Lee, Campbell Fleming, Dale R Wright
Vol 85, No 1 (2014) Modelling habitat suitability in the Aquatic Warbler wintering ground Djoudj National Park area in Senegal Abstract
Cosima Tegetmeyer, Annett Frick, Nina Seifert
Vol 74, No 1 (2003) Molecular systematics of Alethe, Sheppardia and some other African robins (Muscicapoidea) Abstract
Pamela Beresford
Vol 90, No 1 (2019) Montane forest birds in winter: do they regularly move to lower altitudes? Observations from the Eastern Cape, South Africa Abstract
Adrian J.F.K. Craig, Patrick E. Hulley
Vol 76, No 3 (2005) Morphological variation in the Common Fiscal Lanius collaris along an altitudinal gradient in southern Africa Abstract
S Soobramoney, CT Downs, NJ Adams
Vol 88, No 1 (2017) Morphological variation in the Sabota Lark Calendulauda sabota in southern Africa Abstract
Sean M Marr, Mmatjie L Mashao, G Derek Engelbrecht
Vol 80, No 2 (2009) Morphometrics of White-browed Sparrow-Weavers Plocepasser mahali in south-western Zimbabwe Abstract
Stefan Leitner, Peter Mundy, Cornelia Voigt
Vol 79, No 1 (2008) Moult and ectoparasites of nightjars collected during two January expeditions across Zimbabwe Abstract
HD Jackson
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