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Thoracic duct lymphography by subcutaneous contrast agent injection in a dog with chylothorax

T. Iwanaga, S. Tokunaga, Y. Momoi


A 4-year-old male Japanese Shiba Inu presented with recurrent chylothorax. The thoracic duct was successfully imaged using computed tomography after the injection of an iodine contrast agent into the subcutaneous tissue surrounding the anus. The thoracic duct was successfully ligated and pericardectomy performed via an open thoracotomy. Pleural effusion improved but relapsed a week after the surgery. A second lymphography revealed a collateral thoracic duct that was not detected during the first lymphography. The collateral duct was ligated and chylothorax was resolved after the second surgery. The lymphography applied in this study was minimally-invasive and easily provided images of the thoracic duct in a dog with chylothorax.

Keywords: Chylothorax, Computed tomography, Lymphography, Thoracic duct.
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