Treatment of hemorrhagic hepatic cysts with omentalization in a serval

  • Pilar Lafuente
  • Andreas Bachelez
  • Michelle Y. Powers
  • Nickol P. Finch
Keywords: Hemorrhagic cysts, Liver, Omentalization, Serval


A 2 year old, spayed female African serval was evaluated for a history of abdominal distention. Physical examination findings were consistent with cranial abdominal masses and anemia. Abdominal imaging revealed soft tissue opacity masses in the cranial abdomen and hypoechoic cysts arising from the liver parenchyma. Conservative management failed to improve clinical signs, and a midline exploratory laparotomy was performed. Three large hemorrhagic cysts were visualized occupying a significant amount of the liver parenchyma. The cysts were drained, omentalized and partially closed with a surgical stapler and suture. Histopatological evaluation of the resected tissue was consistent with a chronic hepatic hematoma. The patient recovered well and was discharged 3 days postoperatively. Two years later, the patient was readmitted with the same clinical signs and large multiple hepatic cysts involving most of the liver lobes. These were surgically omentalized similarly to the previous surgery and the patient recovered well postoperatively. Two years later, return to normal life and no recurrence of the cysts was reported.

Keywords: Hemorrhagic cysts, Liver, Omentalization, Serval


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eISSN: 2218-6050
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