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Treatment of severe mitral regurgitation caused by lesions in both leaflets using multiple mitral valve plasty techniques in a small dog

Satoko Yokoyama, Isamu Kanemoto, Kippei Mihara, Takanori Ando, Koudai Kawase, Yasuaki Sahashi, Kazuhito Iguchi


Mitral valve plasty (MVP) is preferred over mitral valve replacement (MVR) for mitral regurgitation in humans because of its favorable effect on quality of life. In small dogs, it is difficult to repair multiple lesions in both leaflets using MVP. Herein, we report a case of severe mitral regurgitation caused by multiple severe lesions in the posterior leaflet (PL) in a mixed Chihuahua. Initially, we had planned MVR with an artificial valve. However, MVP combined with artificial chordal reconstruction of both leaflets, semicircular suture annuloplasty, and valvuloplasty using a newly devised direct scallop suture for the PL was attempted in this dog. The dog recovered well and showed no adverse cardiac signs, surviving two major operations. The dog died 4 years and 10 months after the MVP due to non-cardiovascular disease. Our additional technique of using a direct scallop suture seemed useful for PL repair involving multiple scallops in a small dog.

Keywords: Chordal reconstruction, Dog, Mitral regurgitation, Multiple direct scallop suture, Semi-circular suture annuloplasty.
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