An unusual case of an intramuscular lipoma of the biceps brachii

  • K Lahrach
  • KI el Kadi
  • A Mezzani
  • A Marzouki
  • F Boutayeb
Keywords: Intramuscular, lipoma, biceps brachii


Lipomas are common benign neoplasms consisting of mature fatty tissue. They are usually of roundish or ovoid shape and are situated in a single anatomical region. They most frequently occur on the back and in the extremities. Most lipomas are subcutaneous and require no imaging evaluation. When deep, large and unusual in location, MRI can identify and localise these tumours and is the best exploration to differentiate lipoma and lipo-sarcoma. We describe a case of a patient with an intramuscular lipoma of the biceps brachii.

Key words: Intramuscular, lipoma, biceps brachii


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eISSN: 1937-8688