Postpartum hemoperitoneum due to rupture of a blood vessel on a uterine pseudo tumor: A case report

  • GH Ekane
  • PM Tebeu
  • TE Obinchemti
  • TN Njamen
  • CT Nguefack
  • JT Kamgaing
  • EB Priso


We are reporting a case of hemoperitoneum followed by early post partum collapse due to bleeding from a ruptured vessel on the surface of an undiagnosed uterine pseudo tumor. There are literature reports of  spontaneous hemoperitoneum from bleeding of superficial vessels over lying
myomas during pregnancy but a case of rupture of a blood vessel on a  uterine pseudo tumor leading to isolated hemoperitoneum in the immediate
postpartum period is a rare event. We are presenting the literature review and some aspects of the management of this case. The importance of having a high index of suspicion in cases of hemoperitoeum occurring immediately after delivery especially in a low income setting where radiologic imaging techniques like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); which is the most  sensitive diagnostic tool in cases of ruptured vessels are rare is highlighted.

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eISSN: 1937-8688